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Jihad of Sayyiduna Rasulullaah Sallallahu-Alaihe-Wassallam

Once Hadhrat Ji, Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe  addressed a special gathering of the Ulema of the Bijnur district as follows:

“All the delegations and armies that were dispatched by Sayyiduna Rasulullaah  to various areas and tribes were for the sake of Da’wah. According to one narration, the total number of expeditions undertaken during the time of Sayyiduna Rasulullaah  equals 23. According to another narration, 39 expeditions took place. Of these, only nine took place for the purpose of fighting. The remaining were explicitly for the purpose of Da’wah
Only in one expedition did Sayyiduna Rasulullaah  personally injure a disbeliever.”

Here we wish to show the thoroughness with which Hadhrat Ji had studied Seerah (life of Sayyiduna Rasulullaah Sallallahu-Alaihe-Wassallam). Such facts can only be known after an exhaustive study of the subject.

{Biography of Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib – Amire Tabligh, pgs. 79, 80}

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Hadhratji Moulana Yusuf was extremely averse and disgusted with the western way of life. He endeavored to spread the sunnah way of life.
He said:

“The destruction of westernism lies in this universal Da’wat and propagation of the Sunnah!”


What Hadhratji is referring to is giving Da’wat collectively in what we know nowadays as Tablighi Jamaat.

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Moulana Yusuf Saying

Hadhratji Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahab Rahmatullahi-Alaihe has said:

“Undoubtedly, the zikr of Allah Ta’ala is the most excellent form of ibadah (worship). However, the effort which makes the people of the world Zaakireen is much more excellent. “


By this statement, Hadhrat Moulana had shifted the attention of the people from making an individual effort ONLY! 

He gave preference to collective benefit, for Islam demands unity and not individuality.

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Path to Achieve Grade of Qutub, by Moulana Ilyas

During his childhood, Hadhrat Moulana Yusuf Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe  was studying “meezaan-wa-mansha’b”. Moulana Ilyas Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe told Moulana Yusuf Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe:

“O Yusuf, shall I tell you the path to achieve the grade of a Qutub?

Moulana Yusuf Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe said:

Without knowing the details about Qutub, how could I know, I was a child, I said: “tell me what is the path for becoming a Qutub?”

Moulana Ilyas Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe said 

“O Yusuf, wherever and whenever you witness that the practices are against the sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu-Alaihe-wa-Sallam, put efforts to bring sunnah into the practices without bothering about time and place. This is the path to achieve Qutub and Abdaal!

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How My Mother Did My Upbringing – Maulana Umar Palanpuri Rahmatulahi Alaihe

A complimentary post of Brother Salaman’s post located here:

Audio of Maulana Umar Palanpuri Rahmatulahi Alaihe explaing how his mother brought him up


Five Advices of Hadhratji Moulana Yusuf Sahib Rahmatullahi-Alaihe

What is very important is the five essential guidelines which Hadratji used to say:

كرتے رہو ڈرتے رہو روتے رہو مانگتے رہو  مانتے رہو

Karte rahow, Darte rahow, Rowte rahow, Mangte rahow, Maante rahow

“Carry on doing (the work), carry on fearing, carry on crying, carry on asking and carry on being obedient.”

Analyzing this statement:

Firstly – We have to continue working because this is a responsibility which is given to us.

Secondly & Thirdly – We should fear and cry because we do not know upon which shortcoming or disregard for a particular principle (Usool) of this work that will result in us being deprived of this work.

Fourthly – What should we carry on crying and asking for? We should continue crying and begging for acceptance, steadfastness (istiqamat), to keep in conformance to mashwera, to become humble, etc.

Fifthly – Asking for obedience so that Allah Ta’ala keeps us in this work till death.


Letter to Mr. Muhammad Kalaam Alam of MK Tours



Where do I begin. I was going to get married in India at the beginning of 2012. At the end of 2011 our family which consists of 8 adults, 4 children, 1 senior citizen and 1 3 year old baby booked a holiday tour of Singapore and Malaysia with MK Tours. Over the months we finalized all the details and paid the cost of $405 per person. We never argued the price or even asked for discount, as we trusted Mr. Alam.

When we questioned Mr. Kalam Alam as to why the 5 children, 2 aged 13, 1 aged 9 and  3 year old baby were being charged as adults, he replied by saying that there is no child concession.

We believed him, because prior to this, he was known as a truthful person. The day we were leaving Auckland, we called and confirmed everything once again with Mr. Alam. He confirmed everything before our flight and gave us contact details of our tour driver in Singapore.

Flight was good, as we DIDN’T book the flight with Mr. Alam. We landed into Singapore well and good. And then we met our Tour drivers. This is where the trouble begins.

Firstly, the men mentioned by Mr. Alam did not show up, rather we got two bumbling idiots who didn’t know Arthur from Martha. One of the drivers was so rude and aggressive, he started shouting at all of us, especially my Grandma because she was in a wheelchair and had difficulty walking.

When we loaded up the van, which mind you the paid tour drivers did not help us with, we were to go to Johor Baru by road. Not as simple as it sounds.

The driver misinformed us that we have too much luggage and that we would have to drop our luggage off at a Hotel, otherwise the Government would tax us heavily when we go to and from Johor Baru.

So, we decided that we will drop off all our suitcases at the Hotel we would be staying at when we came back to Singapore in a couple of days. Sadly, Mr. Alam back stabbed us again as when we got to Fortuna Hotel and stated that we have made reservations for so and so dates, so can we please leave our luggage here.

They replied by saying that no such booking was made. So we called the contact that Mr. Alam told us to. He didn’t reply but txted us that we have been booked into the Clairemont Hotel next door.

We went next door and as soon as we entered the lobby, it stank of urine and sweat. When we inquired about our booking and lo and behold, we were booked into this rat infested stink hole.

We wasted an hour getting to the Hotel and another hour loading all of our luggage into a small dinky room. This is the first of the few hundred dollars that Mr. Alam still owes us.

Then, tired as anything as we had been up from 5am, traveled half the globe, we started our mission to Johor Baru.

A few hours stuck in traffic, then told by the two drivers whose brains were missing a few screws that we would have to leave the vehicle with all our luggage and cross the border.

WHAT?!? My Grandma stayed in the car and the rest of us, including little children who were knackered took all of our luggage and climbed the mountain of steel and glass. A few hundred steps with luggage and crying children.

Thereafter, all of us crossed the Singapore border and made our way down the mountain of steel and glass. Loaded up the van’s, and made our way to the Malaysia Border. Same drill as before, climb up and back down the mountain of steel and glass. Words cannot express our anger and horror.

Thereafter we reached our Hotel, Mutiara Hotel. Had to pay the drivers a large sum as they said we had exceeded the time that was agreed on. Tired and starving, we made our way to our Hotel rooms.

Alhumdulillah, the rooms and bed’s were really good. By now, its the early hours of the morning and the Hotels restaurant is closed so we have to go and look around for places to eat.

Eat and sleep like logs as all of us had been up for more than 24 hours. Wake up refreshed. In the morning, my Mother, Auntie and Grandma’s feet had all swollen up because of the tension, stress and 24 plus hours of travel. I was moved to tears and disgusted by the ethics that Mr. Alam has. How dare he put my three mothers in such difficulty? Would he like it if his Mother, Auntie and Grandmother, not to mention his whole family put in this ordeal?        

Nice buffet breakfast restaurant and friendly staff. Great selection.

We were told to wait in the lobby at 10am. All of us came down at 10am and were waiting for the tour driver. Called around and finally the driver came at 12pm. Honestly we thought there wasn’t anyone with less brain cells than our tour drivers of the previous night, we were wrong.

This driver hardly understood English. Took us to Masjid Sultan Abu Bakr. We prayed our Zohur. Nice Masjid. Then, starts our few hour tour of the same street. He drove us around and around and around the same part of Johor Baru till we got fed up and told him to take us to a restaurant to eat. Even the 3 year old with noticed that we were going around in circles as we kept going past a Giant Crab. Then the bumbling driver took us to the Giant Crab restaurant.

Took us to a e-coli filled minus 5 star place. No Air conditioning or clean tables. left there vomiting and told the driver to find us a KFC.

Ate KFC, then asked if there was any other place that he knew was good for tourists. He didn’t know of any other place, so he took us to a Mall.

In the meantime, we tried to contact Mr. Alam’s contact in Malaysia. He replied very rudely by text and never once picked up the phone. Very snidely he remarked that the Clairemont hotel is good and that there was no vacancy in the Fortuna Hotel. So angry, we go shopping. We booked this holiday months in advance.

Mall was nice and cheap. Went back to the Hotel and enjoyed the swimming pool. Then, went to the Italian restaurant in the Hotel. BEST Italian food we ever ate in our lives.

The next morning, while we were checking out, asked the staff at the front desk about general information about their Hotel. They informed us that there is a child’s rate, that is much cheaper than the Adults rate. Cheated and lied to again by Mr. Alam. A few more hundred dollars that he owes us.

Now we get our good tour driver. He loaded the van’s up with our luggage and was surprised and asked where all our luggage was. When we informed him what the other idiot drivers said, he said that tourist don’t get checked and don’t have to leave the vehicle for immigration check.

We were all boiling with rage at Mr. Alam and his poor knowledge of travel and his selection of tour drivers. Crossed the border seamlessly this time. Driver hands the passport to the people at the border, drive-thru express.

Get to our rubbish infested Clairemont Hotel.

Now the hectic tension starts. We are told we have 5 different rooms on 5 different levels. We spend a few hours moving all the luggage all over the sweat infested hotel. Rude staff don’t help at all.

Smells of sweat and feces. Air conditioning doesn’t work. Stained sheets. Broken walls and doors. Stained walls. Disgusting toilets. Rats etc… you get the picture.

Disgusted at the state of the hotel, all of exit the building and start balling our eyes out. Angry and teary eyed, we make a decision to go to our original Hotel, Fortuna Hotel next door and see if there are any vacancies. Told there is a whole floor empty for us, pay $1,000 up front. Mr. Alam still owes us for this.

Spend another hour moving everything out of the smelly stink hole into the Fortuna Hotel. Leave all of our luggage in the lobby at the Fortuna Hotel, they take up all our luggage to our rooms, all next to each other.

Now, a few hours left of sunlight, we eat then hurry to Sentosa. What was supposed to be a whole days tour of Sentosa, could only utilize a few hours of just going to see the Merlion, then rush off to the Song of the Sea show. More $$$ that Mr. Alam still owes us.

Get back to the hotel. Day of Jumu’ah. Pray Jumu’ah at Angolia Masjid. Shuttle bus comes on time to take us to the airport.

Now Mr. Kalam Alam, please take stock of yourself and make taubah. Return our stolen money and make amends. Ask for forgiveness. In the last two years, you have not even asked once for forgiveness.

Mr. Alam is a goonda (thug) and is not to be trusted. He promised that there would be buffet breakfast in Singapore. Neither of the two Hotels in Singapore have a restaurant. More money Mr. Alam owes us.

Not to mention the emotional distress he caused us. Allah will deal justly with you. Fear Allah and adopt TAQWA. Refund us our money!

My advice to anyone looking to book a tour with Mr. Alam is to not touch his company, even with a barge pole!!!

Mr. Alam’s website:

Moulana Umar Palanpuri explaining the Saying of Hadhratji, Moulana Yusuf Sahib: The meaning of the hadith- Khairal quruni qarny…

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Rewards for Women During Menstruation Period

A women during Haidh (Menstruation Period) should make Whudhu at Salaat time, sit on the musllah in her Masjid (innermost recess of her house and constant place of prayer) and read Istighfar for as long as it would take her to pray her Salaat, then she will get the following rewards:

1. 1,000 Rakats Prayer
2. 70,000 sins forgiven
3. 70,000 stages elevated in the hereafter
4. Rewarded with that many Maqbool (accepted) Hajj and Umrah proportionate to the the number of veins in her body

(From Fatawa Rahimiyya)

The existence of good deeds is based on Fadhaail (Virtues), and their correction is based on Masaail.